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Hi there, and welcome to Big Apple Travels! My name is Emily; I’m 20 years old and from the small town of Woodend, just north of Melbourne, Australia. Last year, I moved out of home to the big city, and am studying Media and Communications […]

NYC vs Melbourne: Slow Down New York!

I’ve become used to the fast paced nature of New York – the ever moving stream of people walking briskly down fifth, food in one hand, coffee in the other. On the first day of my internship I couldn’t keep up. I felt like Anne […]

New York Street Art: Nick Walker’s ‘The Vandal’

After my first busy day as an intern in New York City, I was excited to get out and explore. Walking down 17th street, I noticed in a derelict carpark, a piece of street art that caught my eye. Behind the modern array of cars, […]

New York Symbolism: The Food Cart

On my first morning in NYC, I stepped out onto 42nd street. Jetlagged and ravenous, I needed breakfast, pronto. And that’s when I saw it, in all it’s glory. The bagel cart. Just opposite my building, was a small, ordinary looking food cart. Although simple, […]