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My name is Emily and I’m an 19 year old girl from Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently at university (or college for you Americans), completing a Bachelor of Arts. Sadly no, this does not mean I paint or take ‘art’ subjects by any means.

I am, however, studying Media & Communications and Creative Writing, to help pursue my dream of becoming a successful writer (hopefully blogging or journalism, and perhaps a cheeky novel or two as well).


I have always loved writing, and have kept a journal since I was nine years old, alongside many unfinished drafts of short fiction stories. When I was thirteen, I came across Tumblr, and was fascinated with the idea of blogging.

A couple of years down the track, I was a fifteen year old girl surrounded by dozens of healthy lifestyle accounts on Instagram. And of course, I wanted to join in the fun with my own #smoothiebowls and #morningyoga pics.

So from there is where I started my Instagram page @emily.holgate, where I documented my food, healthy living tips and general lifestyle choices.

Health, food and photography all soon became passions of mine, and I had a growing urge to take these passions further. But as I researched into the steps of becoming a successful blogger, I realised my amateur Instagram page simply wasn’t enough – I suddenly needed a Pinterest, YouTube channel, Facebook page, twitter, and of course, a proper blog. How was I supposed to find time for all of this amidst my final year of high school?!

So I waited, and after working hard for the results I desired in high school, I graduated and was accepted into my dream university. I finally felt as though the world was at my feet.

Now, I can finally focus my time and energy onto the things that I am passionate about (in between uni assignments, sleep, work and a social life of course – life is all about balance).

So here I am, attempting my way into the world of blogging, and seeing where this journey takes me. I hope you are as excited as I am!


  • I grew up in a small, country town just north of Melbourne
  • I study French and hope to become fluent one day
  • I’m a vegan
  • I love astrology & spirituality
  • My birthday is September 13th and 13 is my lucky number
  •  My favourite film is Titanic
  • In my spare time I love reading, writing & cooking (and a healthy Netflix binge)
  • I’m a hopeless romantic

Finally, I look forward to sharing my life here on Earth Emily, and taking my passion for writing further!

Love to you all,

Emily x