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where the wild(er) things are

where the wild(er) things are

Words Emily Holgate

raw salted peanut butter chocolate cake

“Women can be game changers”, she says passionately whilst sipping an almond milk flat-white.

For nineteen-year-old Anneliese Brancatisano, she is proving just that. Founder of vegan catering company, The Wilder People, Anneliese focuses on conscious living and wholesome ingredients, defying the stereotypes of “boring” or “bland” vegan food.

“I just want to take vegan food to the next level…to show non-vegans that it can be exciting”, she explains. And to the next level she has taken it.

With creations  on her Instagram such as a “chocolate mud cake with vanilla bean buttercream, salted caramel filling, chocolate ganache drip, gold lustre strawberries, dehydrated oranges, rose infused fairy floss, gold speckled tim tams and silver sprayed blossoms”, it’s only a matter of time before her cakes, and her passion, takes the world by storm.

vegan & gluten free chocolate mud cake

Anneliese also wants The Wilder People to create discourse surrounding political change. She often speaks on her Instagram of her desire to empower women, believing that women “have a place in the business world”, and that we can create this place “if we all just unite as one, without competing with each other”. We hear you, sister.

The Wilder People began through Anneliese’ love for cooking, and passion for wholesome living.  She loves “the way food and cooking brings people together”, and explains how it “empowers everyone to show their creativity; their connection to the earth and produce”. Anneliese prioritises ingredients which have little negative impact on the planet and others, and this is reflected through the handcrafted goods produced by The Wilder People.

At only nineteen-years-old, Anneliese admits that “there’s still a lot of growing to do”. But with what she has done already, we cannot wait to see what’s in store for her future.

Where can we stalk you? IG @_thewilderpeople / @anneliese.brancatisano

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vegan chocolate cake

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